Capital Region Border Watch – Team Brownsville, Day 1

Capital Region Border Watch made their way to Texas this week to give aid and a voice to the crisis that is happening at the border. Florence Abrams has been giving updates from the effort.

It took us 14 hours to get here,  We did  stop in San Antonio to  have lunch with a 23 year old advocate/activist, Emily Costa, who is originally from Schenectady.  She works as a project coordinator on migrant women and children’s health matters for a small not for profit, Suenos Sin Fronteras.  She told us to find time for self-care after serving dinner at Matemoros because we will be shaken by what we see.  Emily has traveled to Mexico and Honduras and told us about the dangers that activists face constantly as a result of their work.   We hope to have her speak to the community when she visits the Capital District.  Tomorrow we will be going to the park by the Gateway International Bridge where demonstrations are held every day and network with fellow witnesses. 

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