Capital Region Border Watch – Team Brownsville, Day 2

Capital Region Border Watch made their way to Texas this week to give aid and a voice to the crisis that is happening at the border. Florence Abrams has been giving updates from the effort.

Today we got to meet Josh Rubin of Witness Tornillo and Witness MPP.  He knew who we are because of our screening of “Witness Tornillo” at the Spectrum.  Everyone in the group demonstrated for at least a small amount of time, and some of us spent approximately 4 hours literally “bearing witness” at tent court proceedings.  Even though visitors don’t get to see the “merit”proceedings, we learned how important witnesses are for the “respondents.”

This morning we actually thought we might be returning home very early because Team Brownsville had put out a notice telling volunteers coming from high risk areas and/or traveling by plane not to come because of the Coronavirus,. But we had already arrived, are being as cautious as possible, and weren’t from a high risk area.  And a group of volunteers from Austin on whom they were counting on for the next few days are not coming.  The result is that we may be serving  more meals at Matamoros.

I also need to add that shortly after we arrived at Xeriscape Park, where the protesting occurs directly across from the Gateway International Bridge/Border, we heard what definitely sounded like 3 separate gunshots within a couple of minutes, and I saw a line of military people assemble at a checkpoint.  Josh headed across the checkpoint to investigate, but he hadn’t returned by the time I headed to the tent courts so I haven’t yet heard what occurred.
There is so much more to tell  just about today. I will close for now by saying how important I now know for sure it is for witnesses to be here; and how grateful I am to be able to be part of the efforts here.

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