Capital Region Border Watch – Team Brownsville, Night 4

Capital Region Border Watch made their way to Texas this week to give aid and a voice to the crisis that is happening at the border. Florence Abrams has been giving updates from the effort.

World Kitchen put on lively dinner music.  There was absolutely no pushing, shoving, or rudeness from any of the adults.  People were almost all very polite, patient and nicer than I probably would be able to be in their place.  The only concern I had was about one very young little boy who seemed to be unsupervised by any adult for much of the time.  I saw a number of older siblings taking very good care of their younger siblings.

Everything was  going ok until dirty sediment started leaking from (what we think was) underneath the water containers.  Both ware tables were getting wet and dirty and so was the floor.  I spotted what appeared to be some wiping cloths, selected one that seemed clean, and began cleaning the tables repeatedly.  To be continued after a group meeting…

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