Capital Region Border Watch – Team Brownsville, Bright Light to the Border

Capital Region Border Watch made their way to Texas this week to give aid and a voice to the crisis that is happening at the border. Florence Abrams has been giving updates from the effort.

After returning to Brownsville with Team Brownsville, I joined the rest of the group at the park for the demonstration.  CDBW presented Andrea Rudnick with a check for $5400.00 for Team Brownsville and told her that we are still receiving donations.

When it got dark, Witness MPP, with the assistance of some young technology savvy people,  put on an amazing light display consisting of what I think must have been LED signs with the slogans “Let Them Cross” and “Free Them:” and large messages right on the top front of Immigration and Customs.  Although the crowd was small because of people no longer being able to come to Brownsville or returning home early, it was an impressive show.  Photos are posted on the CDBW Facebook page and the Witness MPP Facebook page (I think because I haven’t had time to look).

The next blog will be about our participation in what may have been the last Sunday Sidewalk School at the encampment; but there is hopefully a happy ending to that story.  Buenas noches.

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