Capital Region Border Watch – Team Brownsville, San Antonio to Home

Capital Region Border Watch made their way to Texas this week to give aid and a voice to the crisis that is happening at the border. Florence Abrams has been giving updates from the effort.

Our Sidewalk School experience-As we approached the street separating the US for the camps, I could see smoke from cooking fires and hazy air. There at the top of the concrete steps was a large crowd of people, including many children waiting for us!  And men and boys helped  carry or carried the wagons up the steps.  We followed a path past the “living area,” with many children along side us, with many of them holding onto the sides of the wagons o pushing the wagons from the back.

Among the tents in the school area were one labeled “UNICEF” and “Medicins Sin Frontiers.”  Four of us from the delegation were assigned to work with3  year olds, but in the tent were at least a few  toddlers as well (several of whom were being watched by their older siblings).  I was glad to see many parents there sitting on the sides of the tarps on which the children were seated.

The teacher in our group had a 15 minute yoga/laughter yoga session planned.  We managed to get through that despite the chaos of parents and children continuing to arrive.  We had been told t a  15 minute activity that would be repeated several times with different age groups.  But once we finished the session, we were told for the first time that the 3 year olds don’t rotate activities and stay for the full hour. 

We had no other activities panned so a Team Brownville teacher led some activities  about parts of the body.  Our delegation group divided up among smaller groups of children to  supervise and engrave with them.  At the end of the hour we helped distribute packs of little edible and non/ edible treats.  I exchanged smiles with many of the parents (mostly  but not exclusively moms).

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