Grow local, buy local movement spreading


The Times Union Editorial Board recently wrote a timely and much-needed piece “In crisis, an opportunity,” April 22. I hope everyone had a chance to read it.

The essential question posed was whether lessons from the pandemic can be used to put the planet on a healthier course. For example, the editorial asks whether we have learned we can buy less stuff. The People of Albany United for Safe Energy has started a campaign called Buy Local, Grow Local that we hope brings about awareness of the three, new Rs: enhanced “resilience” for our region mitigating the global just-in-time supply chain, increased “revenues” for our communities providing more employment and taxes to local governments, and “reduction” in greenhouse gas emissions for the Capital Region.

Buy Local, Grow Local started a Facebook group that got 466 members in just nine days. Anyone may join us. When our website is up, we will match businesses, including farms, with customers by ZIP code or town. We will also have resource listings and how-to videos especially for gardening and composting. The city of Albany has already passed a resolution supporting Buy Local, Grow Local and has issued a news release in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

We need to think of the lowered greenhouse gas emissions plus the items we can keep out of our landfills. We need to think of the community relationships we can build. Let’s use that silver lining and make lemonade out of lemons.


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