Capital District Border Watch

Capital District Border Watch (CDBW) is a group that focuses on immigrant issues, both
at or near the US border and throughout the United States. The group is proactive and
engages in activities that include:

(1) educating people about these issues
(2) advocating on behalf of these immigrants, including protesting against unfair/abusive
policies and practices being imposed by the present Administration on immigrants
(3) fundraising on behalf of organizations, such as Team Brownsville, that are dedicated
to providing assistance to immigrants at, or within, U.S. borders
(4) occasionally providing direct assistance to immigrants at the U.S. borders in
collaboration with the above-mentioned organizations
A delegation of about seven members of CDBW are travelling to Brownsville, TX, this
spring to spend a week witnessing the treatment of asylum seekers by US authorities,
including in the tent administrative law courts. They also intend to help Team
Brownsville provide meals, some schooling, and other assistance to asylum seekers in

Karen Beetle through CDBW Facebook Page:

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