Capital Women


Kathryn Allen fundraiser is postponed until Sept 15

Founded by Kathryn Allen after the 2016 election, Capital Women is a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the rights of women and all other groups who have yet to achieve their full rights under the Constitution. We are committed to assuring equal opportunity to pursue education, employment and participation in our civil society and we are resolute in promoting the health and safety of our communities. Capital Women includes a Political Action Committee that supports pro- choice, pro LGBTQ and pro- progressive issue candidates-both women and men. Capital Women has Chapters in Saratoga, Schenectady and Albany.

Meeting Schedule:  Our meetings are the second Sundays monthly, place, virtual

Approximate Number of Members: 600

Major issues about which the group is taking action – Focus on providing support to progressive candidates through volunteering and PAC donations.


Contact information – Libby Post, JoAnn Smith, Jenn O’Connor

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