Progressive Schenectady

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Our goal is to provide education and simple steps to action in defense of democratic ideals for busy people who care about our future. We believe that information is key and camaraderie will sustain us through this challenging period. We will help you to be active and effective with as much ease as possible.  

Our mission is to resist and overcome the hateful rhetoric and policies of the current administration and to support groups and organizations providing valuable services to marginalized segments of society. We will actively engage to elect qualified candidates locally and nationally. We will initiate and support legislative agendas that conform to our mission.

Meeting schedule

The organizers meet as a group every 1-2 weeks. We have general membership meetings 2-3 times per year and hold events approximately once a month.

Place of meeting

General membership meetings and events are held in various locations in Schenectady. Library community space, Niskayuna Town Hall. Our annual summer picnic is held at the Niskayuna Town Recreation Center on Aqueduct Rd. Social events are held in various restaurants/bars locally (Great Flats Brewing).

Approximate number of members

Approximately 200 email subscribers and 450 Facebook members (there is overlap b/w email and FB members).

Major issues about which the group is taking action

We are aligning with the Indivisible NYS issue priorities: Democracy First (voting reform, campaign finance reform, expanding voting access), Healthcare, Environment. We also work closely with Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson and Moms Demand Action.

Contact information

We are an Indivisible Chapter.

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