Saratoga Progressive Action

What is SPA?

The mission of the Saratoga Progressive action is to be a grassroots organization, recognized as a powerful progressive electoral force whose goals include:

  • Actively promoting a progressive agenda
  • Be an organizing focal point of other associations
  • Recruit, endorse and work for progressive candidates
  • Recruit and engage people to actively participate carrying out the Saratoga Progressive Action objectives:
    o Unite – organize/collaborate with an electoral mass of like -minded voters and use as a progressive political power
    o Voting – register and inform voters
    o Health – enact a Medicare-for-all type program
    o Climate Change – promote renewable energy, environmental cleanup and restoration
    o Women’s rights – establishing equality and the right to choose
    o Economic – promote a more equitable distribution of wealth, living wage
    o Education – establish a fully funded public education system from K and up
    o Social Safety Net – continue and enhance programs including Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.
    o Civil/Social Justice – end racist and discriminatory practices

Contact us:

Google Group:!forum/saratogaprog

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