Grow local, buy local movement spreading

SANDY STEUBING PAUSE Albany The Times Union Editorial Board recently wrote a timely and much-needed piece “In crisis, an opportunity,” April 22. I hope everyone had a chance to read it. The essential question posed was whether lessons from the pandemic can be used to put the planet on a healthier course. For example, the editorialContinue reading “Grow local, buy local movement spreading”

Immorality makes crisis even worse

Christine Primomo, R.N. I want to thank Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy for their strong leadership and action during this pandemic. The public needs them to continue to make decisions based on science and the recommendations of epidemiologists, the experts who have previously been shunned by the White House for speakingContinue reading “Immorality makes crisis even worse”

Trump weakened pandemic defenses

Anne McCabe, Bethlehem Morning Voice Huddle The Times Union reprint of The New York Times “Miscommunication, fear and confusion mar virus response,” March 8, in responding to the coronavirus makes many good points. However, merely mentioning the elimination of the global health unit of the National Security Council by the Trump administration understates the pivotalContinue reading “Trump weakened pandemic defenses”

Trump’s lack of attack creates needless chaos

Paul Fisk, Indivisible 518: Justice For All Donald Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus emergency illustrates the folly of tolerating incompetence, ignorance and arrogance in a president. Trump radically reduced preparedness by cutting funding to key public health agencies including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Security Council, the Department of Homeland SecurityContinue reading “Trump’s lack of attack creates needless chaos”