Letter Writing and Postcards

  • Write a Letter To The Editor for Tonko!
    ELECTION DIRECTION 2020 Write a Letter To The Editor for Tonko! Event Date: Any Date! Event Time: Any Time! Event Location: From your home! Event Description: Commend Congressman Tonko for the great work he is doing in our district by writing a Letter To The Editor to one of our local papers! Contact Dustin@paultonko.com forContinue reading “Write a Letter To The Editor for Tonko!”
  • Turn Em Blue Tuesdays
    ELECTION DIRECTION 2020 Turn Em Blue Tuesdays Event Date:  Every Tuesday alternating between  morning and evening Event Time: 9:30 AM Event Location: Zoom Event Description: A virtual gathering to write letters and postcards to voters in an effort to get the vote out for the election. There is a zoom gathering every Tuesday, alternating betweenContinue reading “Turn Em Blue Tuesdays”

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